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Step Beyond Visual Organizers like Boxes and Flowcharts;


✅ Editable in CANVA 😀 No need to learn or buy another software !!

✅Your slides look like Hand Drawings

You can Hand Draw, Drag and Drop, Animate or Just Use Ready Made  Templates

What is Visual Business Storytelling?

When business information is conveyed through metaphorical stories that are easy to visualize, believe, and emotionally connect with, rather than relying on dense text, matrices, and boxes.

Why Visual Storytelling Slides are better than Usual Presentations?

Usual Presentations 

Uses boxes and geometries as visual organisers

They are just visual organizers without a story sequence

AI can make similar slides and your audience is developing a blind spot for AI generated slides.

Too text heavy

Visual Storytelling Presentations

You see a story which is more natural and believable

Stories have natural ability to be remembered more. 

Adds emotions and originality

Why Visual Business Storytelling ?

✅ Storytelling is a Deeply Engraved Human Instincts

✅Instead of Seeing Boxes and Flowcharts, A Sequence of Visual Story Makes Human Brain More Comfortable. 

 100+ templates are waiting for you 😍

Innovative Solution Slide
Employee Growth Mapping
Innovative Solution
Problem Solution

"This is fresh and very new approach to business presentations "

Outreach Lead, SwiftMark Tech

"The metaphors used reminded me of my childhood memories"

Sales Manager, Pinnacle Corp.

"I loved the hand drawn feel in my presentations"

Outreach Lead, SwiftMark Tech

Don't Just Present,
Tell A STORY !!

Founder, VisualThinkingSchool Netherlands


Our templates are made on your favorite tool CANVA which is the most popular graphic editing platform and your favorite one too.

All the elements in our templates are HAND DRAWN which will give the most original and unique feel to your slides. 

You can also animate your story slides in 30-45 seconds. 

You will get access to our whatsapp and linkedin community to help you if you are stuck. 

A product by
Visual Thinking School, Netherlands

Our Visual Story Templates comes from our experience of training over 40000 professionals from top notch companies like BCG, Deloitte, Salesforce, Amdocs, Hero Motor Corp and 65+ more. 

We consulted Project Managers, HR heads,  Agile Coaches, Life Coaches and Scrum masters while designing these templates. 

Transform Your Business Information into Visual Storytelling TODAY !!

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100+ Templates

Drag and Drop Elements

Can Animate and Draw 

No need to learn new software

Editable on Canva 

Monthly LIVE practice and doubt clearing sessions. 

24*7 Community Support 

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Access to an exclusive community of Visual Storytellers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I edit these templates ?

Yes. These templates are 100% customizable and that too in CANVA free version. 

What if I am stuck

You will have life time community support on Whatsapp. Just drop a message in the group and community member and our support will help you. There will also be LIVE monthly sessions which you can attend.

Can I add other Canva Elements to the templates ?

Absolutely !! Feel free to add your own creativity using CANVA elements. 

Do I need any drawing skills ?

No you do not need any drawing skills to edit these templates. They are pure drag and drop templates. 

Can I resell these templates or offer it free or paid on my website

You are neither allowed to re-sell our templatess nor offer it for FREE. It is only for your personal or business use in the form of making business slides from it. 

Who developed SketchStory ?

It is a product from Visual Thinking School, Netherlands

Limited Period Offer 90% off


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€ 49

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